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Meet Melissa!

Qualified Beauty Therapist and Certified Kinesiologist

Hi There!  I'm Melissa - Owner of Plainland Beauty & Kinesiology, qualified Beauty Therapist and Kinesiologist.  I am passionate about how my clients feel on both the inside and out and love being able to work with you to achieve your premium health. 

For clients that are looking for kinesiology, I work between my space at Plainland Beauty and Kinesiology and the Ignite Kinesiology studio in Sherwood, Brisbane. 

Kinesiology is the fusion of Chinese and Indian wisdom with the scientific knowledge of the body as a whole.  It was developed by chiropractors in America in the 1960’s.  It is a platform for the body to let go of stress, whatever that looks like, even if it is held in the sub or unconscious.  A “stress” for someone can look like - illness, disease, trauma, hormonal imbalances, learning difficulties, sleep issues and just plain feeling stuck.  What your body offers up in a session will be exactly what you need.  You can always book a free 10 minute chat if you would like to talk about how kinesiology can work for you.


I have been a beauty therapist for 25 years studying, working in and managing Ella Bache salons prior to having my children.  I have a beautiful space set up in Plainland which I would love to share with you.

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